Auto Lock Repair Reno

In need of auto lock repair in Reno? Call Desert Locksmiths today, we are Reno’s best locksmith and have decades of experience to prove it. Not only do we offer the best locksmith prices in Reno, we are confident that we will be able to resolve your auto lock problem faster than any other locksmith […]

Safe Repair Services in Reno

Desert Locksmiths is the most referred-to company for safe services in Reno because of our experienced technicians and ability to work on any of your safe issues. We change combinations for your protection and are capable of bolting down your safe for added security. We are the best safe repair services in Reno and have years of […]

Unlock Safes in Reno

There are many different reasons why you may own safe and even more reasons why you may need it to be professionally unlocked. Like so many people before you, you’ve either locked the key within, forgotten the key code, or perhaps purchased a safe in an auction. No matter what kind of lockout you experience, […]

Full Service Safe Technicians Reno

Are you in need of a professional safe technician in Reno? You found it. Desert Locksmiths is your full-service safe technician in Reno and surrounding areas, just give us a call. We promise to be at your location within 30 min of the call, ready and rocking to get your safe opened, get your safe […]

Reno Locksmiths: Day, Night, Sun, and Snow

Desert Locksmiths carries a full line of residential and commercial locksmith hardware for all of your security needs and if you find we don’t have something you are looking for, we can get the parts overnight if that’s what is needed. Desert Locksmiths addresses all automotive key needs. We cut-chip and laser cut keys, as well as program […]

Home and Personal Security: Safes and Self-Defense

Desert Locksmiths will be able to help you with your locksmithing needs, no matter how big or small, just try to be as detailed as possible. Our shop is fully equipped with residential and commercial hardware, novelty key items, lanyards, key rings, and happy keys. We also carry personal protection items including pepper spray and stun guns. For […]

Winter Weather Calls for Locks to Be Checked!

Desert Locksmiths is a local, family-owned full-service locksmith. We are not a call or dispatch center. When you call us one of our friendly, trained professionals will be immediately on their way to assist you, usually within 20 to 30 minutes, with a fully equipped service van and the expertise to address your needs. We […]

Best Home Safes

There are few different things you should consider when choosing the right safe for your home, or the right safe for your business. Like so many others, owning a safe just makes you feel… well, safe. Passports, jewelry, expensive relics and artifacts, paintings, rifles, and other important documents can all be safely tucked away in […]

Commercial Locksmithing

Don’t break the window, don’t jimmy the lock, call Desert Locksmiths.  Commerical locksmithing has been a specialty of Desert Locks for more than thirty years. As Reno’s oldest locksmith, we have been working with commercial contractors, emergency services, and large clients in the area to meet and exceed their commercial locksmithing needs. Desert Locksmiths services an array of […]

Perks of Video Surveillance

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), also known as video surveillance, is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. Video surveillance cameras are great tools used to observe an area. They are normally connected to a recording device or an IP network such as a mobile phone or computer […]

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