Desert Locksmith is your Reno locksmith, and we are for a reason. Here at Desert Locksmiths Reno we are committed to your safety and security as well as your peace of mind, because when you’re finally home, what else do you have?

Call a locksmith that has been in Reno for more than thirty years to re-key or change your house lock after buying a new home, experiencing a break-in, or just plain losing a key. By doing this, you are protecting yourself from anyone who once had a key to your home or broke in to your home. Breath easy!

Desert Locksmiths offers low price locksmith services and excellent customer service. We are so proud to be Northern Nevada’s first choice in locksmith service and repair.

re-key in reno


Northern Nevada’s Number 1 Choice for Locksmith Services

Why are we Northern Nevada’s Number 1 Choice for Locksmith Services? We stay up-to-date with technology and security tools that allow us to complete any job thrown at us – the right way.

Our technicians are kept up to date with innovative tools, seminars, and even scams. We can sniff those out in a heartbeat, and if you are unsure of locksmith pricing in Reno or cost of locksmith service in Reno, call us first. But, do your due diligence, too! We offer some of the lowest pricing in Reno for locksmith services, but so do faux locksmiths. Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of!

You can trust Desert Locksmiths Reno anytime, to give you the best service available by locksmiths in the area.

Do you need a 24-hour locksmith and lock out service that won’t keep you waiting and hour – 45 minutes before taking off to your location? Then you are looking for a Reno Locksmith like us. An emergency locksmith will be dispatched to your address the tools and equipment needed to handle the job on the spot, no surprises.