In need of auto lock repair in Reno? Call Desert Locksmiths today, we are Reno’s best locksmith and have decades of experience to prove it. Not only do we offer the best locksmith prices in Reno, we are confident that we will be able to resolve your auto lock problem faster than any other locksmith in Reno.

Desert Locksmiths addresses the full range of automotive security situations that can arise from lost or stolen keys, to damaged or worn locks and ignitions. We will re-key, service, or replace your auto lock system. We can get you in, or keep them out! Replacing the lock system in your car can be quite the task. Desert Locksmiths wants to streamline the process for you, arriving at your location within 30 minutes max, and getting you back on the road as fast as we can.


Because of our expertise in a variety of solutions for automotive security problems, there is no automotive problem we can’t tackle. So, what do you want most when you call a locksmith? Fast and responsive service. Replacing your car keys through your dealership can cost you as much as $500 depending on what kind of key you have. Desert Locksmiths will be able to cut, program and provide you with a replacement key for remote fobs, transponder keys, and more.

If the damage has already been done to the locks on your vehicle, Desert Locksmith can re-key your car locks and originate keys to operate existing locks or change the system so the original key will no longer fit. The professionals at Desert Locksmiths have been Reno’s trusted source for more than 30 years. We are masters at removing broken keys from ignitions and car locksreplacing damaged or worn car locks, and opening your vehicle in the unfortunate event that you’ve locked your keys in your car.

Re-keying the locks in your car in Reno is a quick and painless job for the professionals at Desert Locksmiths. Contact Desert Locksmiths today for your re-keying and automotive needs.