motorcycle keys graphicMany of us choose to ride a motorcycle to feel free. Few things are as satisfying as hopping on your bike and answering the call of the open road. Few things kill a road trip faster than a bent motorcycle key. Even worse, if you bend your key at a gas station, you might be miles away from the nearest city center. Desert Locksmiths are experts at duplicating motorcycle keys, fixing motorcycle keys, and generating new keys. In this article, we’ll discuss the difference between OEM keys and aftermarket keys as well as common issues associated with bent keys.

Why Is a Slightly Bent Motorcycle Key a Problem?

Your ignition cylinder on your bike is very sensitive to minor changes in the ignition key’s shape. You may be able to insert your key into the ignition cylinder if it is slightly bent, but odds are that the key will not turn.

What Causes Motorcycle Keys to Bend?

Some OEM keys are extremely soft and flexible when compared to house keys and car keys.

  • Because the gas cap often doesn’t use all the key’s tumblers, your key may sometimes stick while gaining entry to the gas tank. Because the metal in the key is so soft, attempting to turn a ‘stuck key’ can bend it.
  • You can inadvertently bend the key in your pocket.
  • If you leave your key in the bag locks while preparing to ride, it’s easy to bump and consequently bend the key.

Are All Cylinders on Your Bike the Same?

No. The ignition cylinder, the gas cap cylinder, and the bag lock cylinders are often designed differently. While a bent key may work to open the bag locks and the gas cap, the ignition cylinder is especially sensitive to minor changes in the OEM key’s shape. This is no accident. Motorcycle makers want the ignition cylinder to be the most sensitive compared to the other cylinders so that the vehicle is more difficult to steal.

Will I Be Able to Tell If My Key Is Bent?

While it is possible for the lay person to detect a minor bend or malformation in a key, it can be quite difficult to detect such alterations to the key. The trained eyes of Desert Locksmiths can detect bends and malformations in a key almost instantly.

What Is the Solution to a Bent Key?

You can begin carrying a bunch of soft OEM keys, or you can contact Desert Locksmiths to make you a set of more rigid keys that are less prone to bending. Reno motorcycle riders needn’t wait hours for a new or repaired key. Our emergency locksmith services are available to you 24/7. Contact us today!