There are few different things you should consider when choosing the right safe for your home, or the right safe for your business. Like so many others, owning a safe just makes you feel… well, safe. Passports, jewelry, expensive relics and artifacts, paintings, rifles, and other important documents can all be safely tucked away in the safety of this secure little box and your valuables will be good to go. What you probably didn’t know, though, is that there are thousands of different safes on the market today that are available for purchase.

First Things First, How Big of a Safe Do You Need?

Of course, the more valuable items you have in your possession, the larger the safe needs to be. Before you make such a hefty purpose, decide what needs to be most protected in your home and where you will be able to conceal the safe as well.


We are certified experts in all aspects of safe openings and repairs. If you have a lost combination, a malfunctioning dial or keypad, or damage due to attempted theft, we are capable of opening your safe and repairing it back to factory specifications. Whether it is a household style safe, a government certified safe, or you no longer have access to the combination, we can help open it. Not only are we certified safe specialist in Reno, but we sell a number of different safes in-house for local residents looking to enhance security.

Desert Locksmiths is the most referred-to company because of our experienced technicians and ability to work on any of your safe issues. We change combinations for your protection and are capable of bolting down your safe for added security. And speaking of bolting down, it’s time to discuss where NOT to bolt down and hide your safe.

When choosing your safe, you want to maximize the protection but keep it in your price range. This is one of the most important decisions you will make – ensuring that your most valuable items are safe from theft and identify theft.

Where Do Burglars Most Typically Look?

Below are the most frequented spots for intruders:

  • Bathroom: The back of the toilet, medicine cabinets, behind the story, etc.
  • Master bedroom: Burglars know this is the most common place for valuables. Under the bed, between the mattress, behind portraits, etc.
  • Living Room: Although the most obvious, and most folks don’t hide their valuables in the wide open like the living room, this is certainly not a place for a safe. It should be as inconspicuous as possible!
  • Kitchen – Burglars have gotten wiser, that’s for certain. Hiding money or valuable in your freezer, faux cereal boxes, or food items, etc.

Other places that may have a magnet like pull for burglars are the office (if you have one in your home), or your children’s bedrooms. If you are hiding your safe in your children’s room, certainly keep it out of their reach, but in a not-so-obvious place.

No matter what your intention is to keep your valuables out of harm, your safe should be high enough so it is protected from water and fire and hidden well enough so intruders will be none-the-wiser. (Also, hopefully, heavy enough, because if the thieves do find it, they won’t be able to lift it. Desert Locksmiths will deadbolt!)

Choosing the Right Safe

Of course using the common ‘lock-key’ method is easiest to operate, but unfortunately, they’re also easiest to break into. If you lose your safe key, you’ll have to call a locksmith in Reno. Digital locks can be problematic as they do not work in power outages. Combination locks are very reliable, though.

Depending on your needs, your safe options will differ. Here are a few of the top safes on the market today, and some of our favorite safety features. Desert Locksmiths specializes in safes, combination safes, fire-proof safes, waterproof safes, tamper-proof safes and even fingerprint safes.

  • Verifi S6000 Smart.Safe. (FBI approved, fingerprint safe)

  • SentrySafe 0500 Fire Chest (Fire Proof, Affordable)

  • Ivation Electronic Home and Office Safe with Keypad for Pin Code Access (Small, Affordable, Battery Operated) 

Desert Locksmiths offers a variety of different safes at our location in Reno, just come by! We are happy to walk you through our selection and help you choose the safe that is right for you.