Emergency Locksmith Near Me and For Me

We at Desert Locksmiths know how to troubleshoot every lock and key issue. We also know that some of the Reno locksmiths at your disposal will take advantage of you at exactly the worst time, when you need a 24 HR locksmith most. We prefer to earn our living the honest way. We know what […]

I Inherited a Locked Safe With No Combo. Now What?

As many of us grow older, we inherit the belongings of loved ones that have passed on. We come to own things such as heirlooms, vehicles, houses, and more. Sometimes we even inherit safes. Some possessions, like firearms or jewelry, belong in storage containers with security beyond the shoebox in the closet. Whether you need […]

Which Commercial Locks Are Best?

Desert Locksmiths has serviced northern Nevada for the last 30 years. Among the many services we offer, we consult on the best commercial lock systems for small business owners, warehouses, large corporations, and everyone in between. We don’t just provide advice on your commercial security needs, we can also order all the locks you need, […]

How to Pick a Lock

Desert Locksmiths has more than 30 years of experience picking locks for our loyal customers. Whether you are locked out of your house, car, office, safe, or warehouse, our team of professionals can grant you access to your property 24/7. We’ve all seen spies, criminals, detectives, and secret agents pick locks in the movies with […]

Keep Your Home Safe

Home Security As we move into the colder seasons, we tend to pay more attention drafty doors, creaky window sills, and leaky ceilings, but just because it’s cold. The areas we find as minor annoyances on our ‘honey-do’ lists can actually be huge security concerns when it comes to the safety of your belongings. Almost […]

Best Reno Locksmith

Picking the right Reno locksmith is just as important as picking the right person to paint your house or to design your website. You don’t necessarily understand the cost until you go with someone that does the job poorly, or dishonestly, and it happens. Desert Locksmiths is NOT a call or dispatch center. We are […]

Lost Car Keys? We Can Help!

Losing your car keys doesn’t have to cost a fortune, although many locksmiths may make you feel this way. At Desert Locksmiths, we are dedicated to providing fast, friendly and efficient locksmithing services in Reno. You don’t realize how important your car keys are until you actually lose them. Because in all reality, your key […]

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