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Keep Your Home Safe

Home Security As we move into the colder seasons, we tend to pay more attention drafty doors, creaky window sills, and leaky ceilings, but just because it’s cold. The areas we find as minor annoyances on our ‘honey-do’ lists can actually be huge security concerns when it comes to the safety of your belongings. Almost […]

Best Reno Locksmith

Picking the right Reno locksmith is just as important as picking the right person to paint your house or to design your website. You don’t necessarily understand the cost until you go with someone that does the job poorly, or dishonestly, and it happens. Desert Locksmiths is NOT a call or dispatch center. We are […]

Auto Lock Repair Reno

In need of auto lock repair in Reno? Call Desert Locksmiths today, we are Reno’s best locksmith and have decades of experience to prove it. Not only do we offer the best locksmith prices in Reno, we are confident that we will be able to resolve your auto lock problem faster than any other locksmith […]

Reno Locksmiths: Day, Night, Sun, and Snow

Desert Locksmiths carries a full line of residential and commercial locksmith hardware for all of your security needs and if you find we don’t have something you are looking for, we can get the parts overnight if that’s what is needed. Desert Locksmiths addresses all automotive key needs. We cut-chip and laser cut keys, as well as program […]

Worst Spots to Hide Your Hide-a-Key

Hiding your house key somewhere on the property seems like a hassle-free way to avoid calling us, right? Wrong… unfortunately. We’ve all seen at least one of our friends or family members disappear for a second to ‘secretly’ retrieve their house key. But, as I’m sure many of us can again guess, where it might […]

A Locksmith Anytime in Northern Nevada

Desert Locksmith is your Reno locksmith, and we are for a reason. Here at Desert Locksmiths Reno we are committed to your safety and security as well as your peace of mind, because when you’re finally home, what else do you have? Call a locksmith that has been in Reno for more than thirty years […]

Locksmiths for your Outdoor Adventure

The days are getting shorter and it’s time to squeeze out the last bits of summer. Northern Nevada has become an outdoor enthusiast’s playground, and this time of year is great to get in a few more outings before the autumn chill becomes evident. There are horror stories of people coming back to their cars […]

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