Don’t break the window, don’t jimmy the lock, call Desert Locksmiths. 

Commerical locksmithing has been a specialty of Desert Locks for more than thirty years. As Reno’s oldest locksmith, we have been working with commercial contractors, emergency services, and large clients in the area to meet and exceed their commercial locksmithing needs. Desert Locksmiths services an array of security needs for residential and commercial properties, from travel trailers to hotel and motel complexes, as well as warehouse systems.


When you are looking for commercial locksmith service, look towards Desert Locksmiths. We are Reno’s master locksmiths, specializing in high-security locks, repairs, installations, and security solutions. We can rekey your office, your building, and assist you with purchasing a safe (or other security features that will keep your important documents and belongings away from those that can use your information in a harmful way). We specialize in commercial work and will guarantee that your commercial property will be secured. We are well-versed and have in-house specialists that can help with electronic locks, mechanical locks, combination locks and safe, card readers, digital keypad readers, magnetic locking mechanisms, or any other security features you may have questions for. 

Desert Locksmiths will perform a professional lock installation for your entire business or office quickly and efficiently. You are warmly invited to our store for the friendliest, fastest, most knowledgeable locksmith service in Northern Nevada. The staff is willing and eager to satisfy all your security needs with unequaled service and peace of mind.

There For You When You Need It

A traditional office lockout will take approximately 25 to 30 minutes depending on the lock and method being used, and because we’ve been serving Northern Nevada for more than 30 years, there is no lock system that we can’t handle. Most door opening methods such as picking or the use of a bump key will leave the lock in working order, but in the event that the lock has been tampered with or damaged (in the case of a break in or attempt to get in to your office yourself), Desert Locksmiths can fix your lock on site.

For deadbolts, the apparatus is disassembled by unscrewing it, but certain doorknob locks can be a lot more difficult. Commercial locksmiths such as Desert Locks have the tools ready and required to tackle these. If your locksmith doesn’t have a follower, spanner, or catch tool on hand, they’re not really a locksmith.

Desert Locksmiths are security professionals. We can identify vulnerabilities and protect individuals from breaches. Key control is the most important aspect of your security. Desert Lock can improve the security by master keying your facility. We also offer products which protect against the unauthorized duplication of keys.

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