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There are many people out there who for one reason or another have found themselves locked out of their car, habitually. We are here to say that we understand and want to help you avoid yet another service call.

Many people lock their car doors out of habit and forget that their keys, and other important items, are still inside their car. When you need a duplicate car key made in Reno, call the locksmith experts at Desert Locksmiths in Reno.

Desert Locksmith addresses the full range of automotive security problems and situations that can arise, from lost or stolen keys, to damaged, worn locks and ignitions. We will rekey, service or replace your lock system and duplicate your car keys. We can get you in, and keep them out!

Duplicate car keys are a breeze for this Reno locksmith – you’ll be in and out in a matter of minutes with a sturdy key and cheerful farewell from our friendly local staff.

A few quick tips before coming in:  

  1. Write down your car’s VIN number.  
  2. Write down your car’s year, make and model.  
  3. Head to Desert Locksmiths!  

As your Reno locksmith we will be happy to duplicate your car key at an affordable price in a very short period time. Desert Locksmiths have been working as locksmiths in Reno for more than 30 years. We are dedicated to providing fast, friendly and affordable service that will get you back on the road in no time.

Contact the friendly staff at Desert Locksmiths today.