We at Desert Locksmiths know how to troubleshoot every lock and key issue. We also know that some of the Reno locksmiths at your disposal will take advantage of you at exactly the worst time, when you need a 24 HR locksmith most. We prefer to earn our living the honest way. We know what it’s like to be locked out and how desperate the situation can feel while waiting for emergency locksmith services. We hope you’ll consider our help the next time you find yourself in the following lockout situations.

In Which Situations Might I Need an Emergency Locksmith?

Hindsight is always 20 / 20, but in the moment, we may not always see clearly the options that we have at our disposal to help us out of a bind. If you find yourself in any of the situations below, please don’t panic. We can get help out to you quickly.

  • You are locked out of the office right before an important meeting.
  • You are locked out of the car just before that dream vacation.
  • You accidentally locked keys in car with your child in the car.
  • Your car key breaks in the ignition.
  • Your transponder car key won’t work allow the ignition to fire.
  • Your house key breaks in the deadbolt.
  • Your passport is locked in your safe, and you can’t remember the combination or where you put the key to the safe.
  • You accidentally left your motorcycle key in your friend’s car who just left.

How Can an Emergency Locksmith Help Me in These Situations?

Emergency lockout problems and solutions graphic

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