service-buckets_safesDesert Locksmiths receives most of our customers from word of mouth. This is due to our experienced technicians and their ability to work on any of your safe issues in a fast and friendly way.

Lost or forgotten safe combinations are a common issue we deal with at Desert Locksmiths. Sometimes our best intentions backfire when we hide our combination to our safe and end up hiding it from ourselves! If you find yourself in that predicament, or if you acquired a family members safe and have no idea what the combination might be, give us a call.

Our technicians are capable of opening your safe, and repairing it back to factory specifications if you prefer. We are certified experts in safe openings and can work on all types and manufacturers.

Desert Locksmiths offers prompt and professional locksmith services. Call Desert Locksmiths today if you have a safe you accidently forgot the combination to – we won’t judge, we are here to help!For more information about our locksmith services, contact Desert Locksmiths today.