Are you in need of a professional safe technician in Reno? You found it. Desert Locksmiths is your full-service safe technician in Reno and surrounding areas, just give us a call. We promise to be at your location within 30 min of the call, ready and rocking to get your safe opened, get your safe serviced, or get your safe bolted down. No matter what kind of safe you have, Desert Locksmiths will be able to service it, guaranteed.

Desert Locksmiths’ trained and professional staff can perform service or repair on any safe, open gun safes, open vaults, open home safe, open bank safes, open GSA safes, the entire spectrum – large to small. Our locksmiths can open combination safes and locks, including the latest the in all electronic locks including X07, 9, 9, and 10 locks. As well as allĀ electric S&G 2740 series locks.


Desert Locks is certified in all GSA locks and cabinets, and have opened dozens of safes for a variety of different government entities. We have installed all makes and models of safe locks, safe combination locks, and safe electronic locks, there’s nothing we can’t tackle. Desert Locksmiths can open a locked safe, malfunctioning dial safe, a lost combination safe, or a malfunctioning electronic or digital safe, no matter the make, no matter the model, old or new.

The best part?

We can come to you if the safe is too large to bring to us, is a hassle to carry, if it is bolted down, etc. We know the stress of not being able to get to your important items when you need them, like your passport or keys for your small business – Desert Locksmiths will be here for you when you need the most, and an emergency, you can count on us, 24/7.

Desert Locksmiths has certified Safe Technicians on staff to help you open or service your safe properly and professionally, with 38 years of combined experience. As seen on our home page, Desert Locksmiths is ALOA and SAVTA certified Safe and Lock Technicians. We’ve been in the business for decades and will be the safe technician Reno has been searching for.

Contact Desert Locksmiths today and let us help you with all of your safe needs.