Do you every find yourself asking, “Why didn’t I take the time to make a duplicate key?” Losing or misplacing your house key or car key is not only stressful but can  be aggravating as well. Avoid finding yourself in this position and have duplicates made before you need them.

At Desert Locksmiths, making a duplicate car key or house key is simple, fast and easy! If you locked your keys in your house we can let you in or if you have lost them, we can  rekey your house or make you a duplicate. If you have misplaced or had your car keys stolen, we can originate keys to operate existing locks or even change the system so that the lost keys will no longer fit. We can also open your car or trunk if they were accidentally locked inside.

Desert Locksmiths offers 24 hour 7 days a week emergency service. Feel free to contact Desert Locksmiths today or visit our store to have duplicate keys made for your house or vehicle before you find yourself locked out!