Desert Locksmiths will be able to help you with your locksmithing needs, no matter how big or small, just try to be as detailed as possible. Our shop is fully equipped with residential and commercial hardware, novelty key items, lanyards, key rings, and happy keys. We also carry personal protection items including pepper spray and stun guns.


For many people, self-defense equipment is a must-have item that is carried on their person or in their vehicle at all times. While many people prefer not to carry a gun, Desert Locksmiths carries self-defense items such as pepper spray and stun guns that will also double as flashlights that will get you out of sticky situations when you’re waiting for us to re-key your car or get you back into your house.

Are you looking for home and personal security items as well as locks and safes? There’s no better or faster place to get it all done than at Desert Locksmiths.

Desert Locksmiths is NOT a call or dispatch center. We are real people, real locksmiths and have been serving the Northern Nevada area since 1986. As the oldest locksmith in the area, we have helped our community out of some tough jams and know the cost of what it takes to repair locks, car ignitions and safes when a professional locksmith isn’t chosen.

Desert Locksmith is Northern Nevada’s premier locksmith company. Our friendly and helpful staff can give you winter weather tips such as weatherproofing ideas, key cover options and will replace your worn locks to make navigating the colder seasons a breeze.

Because we sell self-defense items and personal and commercial safes, we like to think of ourselves as Reno’s one-stop-shop for personal and commercial safety. We know safes, and we know the best safes to recommend for you personally or your small business. Desert Locksmiths carry the best safes in Reno, and we will help you choose the right one to fit your needs.