As many of us grow older, we inherit the belongings of loved ones that have passed on. We come to own things such as heirlooms, vehicles, houses, and more. Sometimes we even inherit safes. Some possessions, like firearms or jewelry, belong in storage containers with security beyond the shoebox in the closet. Whether you need safe installation for your brand-new purchase, or you need to gain access to an inherited safe, we at Desert Locksmiths can help.

Why Can’t I Open My Inherited Safe?

There are many reasons why legitimate safe owners cannot open their safes. In some cases, a relative will pass away without detailing the combination or key location for his or her safe. In other cases, the relative will have detailed how to open the safe, but the listed procedure does not seem to be working. Following are just some of the examples why one might not be able to gain access to a safe.

  1. Misplaced or unknown combination or keys
  2. Combination numbers have shifted
  3. Safe bolts have jammed up
  4. Safe’s wiring sustained damage
  5. Accidental engagement of time-delay
  6. Locking mechanism has become damaged

You don’t need to know why your safe won’t open for Desert Locksmiths to help. Whether your primary concern is to access the contents of the safe or to make the safe usable for other secure storage needs, our team of safe repair experts can help.

Why Should I Hire a Locksmith to Open My Safe?

Combination lock gun safeWe at Desert Locksmiths have seen some unusual things hidden away in safes that haven’t been opened in years. Some people, especially Nevadans, use a combination lock gun safe to store their firearms and ammunition. If you try to open your safe yourself without knowing what’s inside, you run the risk of accidently of drilling or sawing into an object that can hurt you, such as ammunition.  You also run the risk of damaging valuables such as jewelry, photos, or letters.

Accessing a locked safe can be a difficult process, especially if you aren’t well-trained. Using brute force may gain you access to your safe, but how much time, energy, and money will you spend to do it?

Desert Locksmiths has decades of experience opening safes of all types. Do you want to spend hundreds of dollars purchasing saw blade after saw blade and drill bit after drill bit, or do you want affordable and timely access to your belongings?