Don’t allow your employees to lend out their keys to delivery or handymen. One-third of all break-ins occur from people who have keys to the building. While your employees may be honest, their connections may not be. Break-in may come into the building “in the footsteps” of your employees. Educate your employees that they need to be personally responsible as they enter or exit the property through your pedestrian entrances and your parking lot.


You want high security locks and keys. True high security locks and keys are not available from your typical department or hardware store; they are only available from authorized distributors such as Desert Locksmiths. In order to get a duplicate key made, the person authorized from your building must interact with the authorized distributor. The distributor has a security procedure to ensure that the new duplicate keys are going to the right hands. Desert Locksmiths will ensure that your lock is the most “pick proof” of any residential or commercial lock you are likely to purchase.

Install Door closers. Doors can be equipped with a mechanism that allows them to automatically close after they have been opened. These door closers can help with your building’s security. Once they have been installed, you should frequently check them to make sure they are working properly. They should close and latch securely without having to be pulled or pushed into place. The mechanisms can be tricky and need to be correctly adjusted. If you’re not certain how to hire a professional such as Desert Locksmith to adjust them.

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