Desert Locksmiths carries a full line of residential and commercial locksmith hardware for all of your security needs and if you find we don’t have something you are looking for, we can get the parts overnight if that’s what is needed. Desert Locksmiths addresses all automotive key needs. We cut-chip and laser cut keys, as well as program remotes and our technicians, are qualified to repair or replace ignitions and diagnose your key problems. We address the full range of automotive security situations that can arise, from lost or stolen keys to damaged or worn locks and ignitions. We will re-key, service, or replace your lock system. We can get you in, or keep them out!


Don’t shake your key in the lock, we’ll fix it! We can cut you a new factory key by reading the cuts in your worn out or broken key. Our shop is fully equipped with residential and commercial hardware, along with novelty key items like lanyards, key rings, and happy keys. We also carry personal protection items including pepper spray and stun guns. When you’re stranded outside of our home or car, it’s important to feel safe and protected, no matter what. We understand the dangers and uncertainty that comes with being locked out of your car, especially during the winter season. We’re just now seeing temperatures drop, so feeling safe and keeping yourself your home and secure is this Reno Locksmith‘s number one priority. We’ve been in the locksmithing game for more than 30 years, so you can trust that no matter what your locksmith needs are, we will be able to address the problem, most times in less than 30 minutes depending on your location.

We understand that security is a top priority for businesses and homeowners. We promise that we will do everything we can to help you fix a security problem you are facing or help you improve your security plan. We offer many different types of locks, keys, alarms, and devices to help you bring your home or business up to a high standard of security. And if we don’t have something you are looking for, we can get it overnight, no problem!

Our highly qualified technicians are trained and educated in both installing new hardware and repairs when needed. At Desert Locksmiths, we care about keeping your business secure! Visit our location for business security solutions and a free locksmith estimate today. We are here to help!

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