First, try not to panic – it happens! We’ve all misplaced a set of keys and we know the frustration you’re feeling. However, in the instance that your keys were stolen, here’s what you should do next:

Tips for Stolen Keys

  1. Call the police first. If you believe your keys have been stolen, it is very important to contact the authorities. Often times, car key chains also contain our house keys, work keys, and safe keys, so filing a report can do more than save your car from being taken.
  2. Call Desert Locksmiths. After you have taken the necessary safety precautions and assured that you are safe, it’s time to get down to business. At Desert Locksmiths, we can originate keys to operate existing locks or change the system so that the lost or stolen keys will no longer fit.


Because of our expertise in a variety of solutions for automotive security problems, there is no automotive problem we can’t tackle.

Desert Locksmiths has been serving the Northern Nevada community since 1986 and proudly serves the surrounding areas of Minden, Gardnerville, Susanville, Truckee and Carson. We are a family owned and operated locksmithing company, not a dispatch center. When you call, a friendly member of our team will be on the other side and send help within 20-30 minutes of the call. We pride ourselves in being there when you need us.

So, what do you want most when you call a locksmith? Fast and responsive service. Replacing your car keys through your dealership can cost you as much as $500 depending on what kind of key you have. Desert Locksmiths will be able to cut, program and provide you with a replacement key for remote fobs, transponder keys, and more.

When we reach your location, we will be able to get you back on the road in as little as 30 minutes, and in most cases, even less.

Upon arrival, we do ask for the necessary identification to ensure you are the owner of the car. Many locksmiths overlook this procedure, resulting in fraudulent activities and theft.

As Reno’s trusted locksmith, we’ll ask you for proof of access rights. Unfortunately, we don’t accept phone or email authorizations, but it’s for Northern Nevada’s benefit! The last thing we want to do is make the situation you are in more difficult than it has to be, but we want you feel safe.

If you have lost your car, home or work keys give Desert Locksmiths a call. We are Reno’s locksmiths and we love what we do.