Re-keying the Locks in your Car

opened door on new carDesert Locksmiths is here for your Reno locksmithing needs.

There is no worse feeling than being locked out of your vehicle in the bitter cold or sweltering heat. Temperature can have a greater effect on your lock system than you would think. Here’s how to avoid having to re-key your locks by breaking your key in your car’s lock, or damaging the car’s lock itself:


Many people believe that when your car key doesn’t turn in the lock that using a lighter to melt down the lock is a good idea…

Please try not to! It seems like a quick fix, but this can actually cause your lock and key to become malleable, making it more susceptible to breaking the lock than it was before.

Spraying WD-40 into your locks may seem like a viable plan or maybe as a one-time fix…

Conversely, WD-40 is really good at collecting dust, dirt and grime in your lock after you’ve managed to get your key in it. This will grind down both your key and lock over time.

Hand sanitizer…

Or virtually any kind of alcohol, is your best option! This will melt a frozen lock without doing damage to the lock or key itself.


If the damage has already been done to the locks on your vehicle, Desert Locksmith can re-key your car locks and originate keys to operate existing locks or change the system so the original key will no longer fit. The professionals at Desert Locksmiths have been Reno’s trusted source for more than 30 years. We are masters at removing broken keys from ignitions and car locks, replacing damaged or worn car locks, and opening your vehicle in the unfortunate event that you’ve locked your keys in your car.

Re-keying the locks in your car in Reno is a quick and painless job for the professionals at Desert Locksmiths. Contact Desert Locksmiths today for your re-keying and automotive needs.