locksmith-electronic-accessIf you lose track of who’s copied your keys, you’re vulnerable. Our company is capable of installing card swipe pin readers, key fob, and wireless access control. To gain entry to your business or home without using a standard cut key, regular keys can be copied in any box store. Key control through Electric access can monitor your employees coming and going 24 hours a day.

It’s often hard to remember a combination lock’s mechanism and entry numbers.

Left three turns, right two turns, pass the second number of the… wait. The third? Did it click? We know the struggle. We’ve been helping our clients for the last 30 years by getting them back into their safes with combination locks. If you’re frustrated and want to make the move to something a bit more user-friendly, the expert team at Desert Locksmiths recommends an electronic keypad lock. In addition. electronic keypad locks aren’t just for combination locks on your safes – they’re widely used in residential homes and commercial properties for front and back door access to the property.

Easy-to-use, added security

Not only can we replace your combination locks with an electronic keypad safe lock, but we’ll come to you! If you are having issues controlling who can copy the keys (as we all know there are some shady locksmiths out there that duplicate keys that specifically say “DO NOT DUPLICATE” on them) to your home or business, you are vulnerable and at a higher risk for unwanted entry.

Desert Locksmiths offers a competitive list of locksmithing services and electronic keypads are one of them. Our company is capable of installing card swipe pin readers, key fobs, and wireless access controls.

Do you want to gain entry to your business or home without using a standard cut key? It’s time to make the move to electronic keypads. Any standard cut key can be copied. With an electric access system, you will be able to keep tabs on employees like never before.

With 24/7 monitoring access that can be monitored and changed immediately upon the need of additional security, the advantages of electronic access greatly surpasses the typical lock-and-key -way entry.

Advantages of Electronic Access

electronic access to home

The advantages of electronic access keypads are many, but we also want to touch on some slight disadvantages as well. As electronic access evolves, keyless entry fobs for cars, residences, and businesses are popping up all over the place. The main point of an electronic lock is to be easy to use and simple. Electronic locks utilize codes and push button technologies, growing eventually into Wi-Fi accessibility, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave communications.

Electronic keypads are popular because of their ease of use. Children can easily get in and out of the home by being shown the correct key formations and they are extremely convenient when in a rush. But, as with many new technologies, there are new vulnerabilities and disadvantages close behind.

The Disadvantages

And as you’ve probably guessed, security issues arise with the wirelessly accessing, remote controlled-by-phone aspect. With typical lock and key mechanisms, we are well aware of what can force open our locks or doors, but with electronic access, we have to worry about the threat of hacking.

At Desert Locksmith, we pride ourselves in our ability to keep your home and business secure when installing electronic access keypads. We will help you define a secure code, set up access, and ensure there are no major vulnerabilities in the installation process. Furthermore, we will help you with the best practice on how to prevent hackers from accessing your home or business remotely.

We know how important residential and commercial security is, and we offer emergency locksmith services that are fast and friendly, meeting your needs as soon as any situation arises.

Contact our friendly staff today to discuss your options – we are happy to provide knowledge and insight on any questions you may have.