residential-locksmithDesert Locksmiths offers services that cover the full scope of residential security needs. We will assist you in assessing your needs by conducting a home security survey of the premises.

Is your home a new home?

Did you know that even after you purchase a new home, the locks need to be re-keyed because they have master pins in the cylinder that allow other keys to work the locks? These pins need to be removed and the locks re-keyed so that only your key works in it.

Does it take more than one key to open all your doors?

If the locks have compatible key-ways, we can change all your doors where one key opens them all. If needed, we can replace non-compatible locks with compatible ones.

Have you locked your keys in your house?

We can open your door for you and let you in.

Lost or stolen keys?

We can let you in and make new keys to fit the existing locks, or we can re-key your locks so the old keys no longer work.

Worn or damaged locks?

We can service and/or adjust your locks so they lock properly again, or replace them with new locks. (We will help you assess the needs and/or inform you about the less costly choice.)

Need a deadbolt installed?

We can drill the holes and install the lock for you.

Patio doors not secure?

We have the hardware to secure patio doors and sliding windows.