Don’t Replace the Locks, We Can Fix Them

We can let you in and make new keys to fit the existing locks, or we can re-key your locks so the old keys no longer work.


Desert Locksmiths has seen it all – there’s no job we aren’t confident in tackling. For many of us, when the colder weather hits, our joints ache and so do our homes. They creak, they get drafty, and our old locks have just about had it. But, that’ where we heroically swoop in.

As a Reno locksmith that has serviced the whole of Northern Nevada (including Susanville and Truckee), we have grown to be a counted asset and trusted ally in home and commercial security. Desert Locksmiths offers services that cover the full scope of residential security needs. We will assist you by conducting a home security survey of the premises, and ensure that not only the job we were called to do is done, but we will assess any other security threats to your home as well.

Common Lock Problems

Many lock and door problems can be amended before they get too serious, but the trick is to catch them before they do.

A faulty lock assembly or lock mechanism is usually the culprit, but a broken lock can also be caused by an ill-fitting door. Your locks could honestly just be dirty, too, and this is normally addressed with a quick graphite shot.


If you have a serious lock problem, it is best to call a trusted Reno locksmith, and that’s when Desert Lock will be there on the double. Many locksmiths may suggest that you must replace the whole lock— don’t believe them. We will be able to fix and adjust your locks, while identifying other risks such as door placement and the like, all without having to fully replace your whole locking mechanism.

This service is especially important to our customers who own older homes (where the locks must remain intact for architectural integrity), or they are special sort of lock that is uniquely designed. Locks can easily be taken for granted as a major hardware component to your residential or commercial security. When they break the result could be either the owner being locked out, or the inability to safely secure the residence and its inhabitants.

1.Key’s in, Lock Won’t Turn.

This is usually caused by dirt and can be remedied with graphite in most cases. We call this a ‘seized lock’.

2. Stripped Locks.

Stripping of any kind such as weather or otherwise may cause your lock to malfunction, or become misaligned. Don’t remove the lock!

3. Frozen Locks!

It’s Nevada. It’s warm and sunny one minute and snowing the next. This can do intense harm to your locks. The best way to thaw out a lock is to take a hair dryer to your key and stick it in the keyhole (or stick it on top of your radiator!)

4. Lock Doesn’t Click Shut

If the bolt to your lock is not in alignment with the strike plate (usually two bolts and foundation to lock), the latch won’t catch and give you that satisfying *click* when the door is shut. If the lock is only slightly off, we can try filing down the latch, or examine the mechanism to ensure that the gap in the latch plate isn’t too shallow. Reposition, adjust, and try to align, if none of these work, start from square one and unbolt. Give us a call! We can walk you through this.

5. Lock Does Not Budge When Turning Key

Unfortunately, this is the lock itself. Are there any missing parts to your lock that you can see? Worn parts that are causing your key to slip?  Call us. Instead of just replacing the lock, we can quickly and easily fix the problem.

Contact Desert Locksmiths today and let us be your Reno Locksmith solution.