For many of us home security is more than just securing what we own, its securing what home means to us. ‘Home,’ is where our children make their memories and where we lay our heads after a long day. Keeping your home safe means so much more than just keeping what you own safe.

  1. Have you just purchased a new home?

Second homeowners and first time buyers, did you know that even after you purchase a new home, the locks need to be re-keyed? Each lock has master pins in the cylinder that allow other keys to work the locks. Desert Locksmiths can remove the pins and re-key your locks so only your key works in it.

  1. Do you have control over who can, and can’t copy your key?

If you can’t control who can copy your key, you’re at risk. Desert Locksmiths installs card swipe pin readers, key fob, and wireless access control. Access to the lock can be monitored and changed immediately upon need of additional security. Key control through electric access can monitor employees at the office or who’s coming and going to and from your home 24 hours a day.

  1. How many keys do you have to open your home?

Not only is it much safer to have only one key for your home, it lowers the risk for duplicate or bumper keys to access it. If the locks have compatible key-ways, Desert Locksmiths can change all your doors where one key opens them all. If needed, they can replace non-compatible locks with compatible ones.

  1. Be wary of the locksmith you choose.

A common problem today is impostor locksmiths. If you find a locksmith that seems to quote you quite low and changes the price at payment, this is a red flag. Get everything in writing – the services rendered, the price of the pre-consultation and an invoice. Pay with a credit card so it’s traceable and safe and make sure they have a business license. Desert Locksmiths is locally owned and operated. Contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have, we are happy to provide any information that you need.

  1. Meet Your Neighbors.

This is may seem like a ‘no-brainer,’ but knowing your neighbors and creating a strong relationship with them ensures a support system while you are away and while you are at home.