There are many different reasons why you may own safe and even more reasons why you may need it to be professionally unlocked. Like so many people before you, you’ve either locked the key within, forgotten the key code, or perhaps purchased a safe in an auction.

No matter what kind of lockout you experience, you can guarantee that Desert Locksmiths will be able to quickly and efficiently get you back into your safe without harming the safe itself or the contents within.


Forgot safe combination? We can get in and reset a safe combination for you, giving you access to the important materials that lie within. Desert Locksmiths does not only service traditional safes, but electronic safes as well. Are you putting in your safe code, but that darn thing just won’t crack open? Your safe has internal wiring issues. Don’t fret, we can get you in and fix those faulty wires, without voiding any safe factory warnings.

Desert Locks is certified in all GSA locks and cabinets, and have opened dozens of safes for a variety of different government entities. We have installed all makes and models of safe locks, safe combination locks, and safe electronic locks, there’s nothing we can’t tackle. Desert Locksmiths can open a locked safe, malfunctioning dial safe, a lost combination safe, or a malfunctioning electronic or digital safe, no matter the make, no matter the model, old or new.

Did you know that safe combination numbers can shift? It’s rare, but it definitely happens. As mentioned above, if you are putting your code in and are absolutely sure that it is correct, on an electronic safe it may be internal wiring issues. If you are putting your combination in on a traditional safe and it is still not working, your safe combination numbers may have shifted. This is due largely impart to poor maintenance of the safe itself. Make sure that your safe is in a temperature controlled and dry area. This may be a bit harder in more humid regions, or in the Bay Area for example, but do your best to keep your safe dry so the bolts don’t jam and it doesn’t corrode.

Desert Locksmiths has certified Safe Technicians on staff to help you open or service your safe properly and professionally, with 38 years of combined experience. As seen on our home page, Desert Locksmiths is ALOA and SAVTA certified Safe and Lock Technicians. We’ve been in the business for decades and will be the safe technician Reno has been searching for.