Desert Locksmiths has serviced northern Nevada for the last 30 years. Among the many services we offer, we consult on the best commercial lock systems for small business owners, warehouses, large corporations, and everyone in between. We don’t just provide advice on your commercial security needs, we can also order all the locks you need, regardless of the variety, and install them quickly with our team of Reno locksmith professionals.

Commercial Security 101

The security of your business may be at risk if you have given keys to anyone outside of your workforce, including contractors. Any keys given keys to current and past employees can also pose liability risks for your business. We recommend that you replace your locks after laying off or firing any of your employees, because retaliatory behavior can sometimes happen.

Protect your property, assets, and employees by trusting Desert Locksmiths to rekey your commercial locks.

Commercial locks

Why Choose Desert Locksmiths?

Desert Locksmiths are security professionals. We can identify vulnerabilities and protect individuals from breaches. Key control is the most important aspect of your security. If you can’t control who can copy your keys, you are vulnerable. You are faced with the possible threat of rekeying every time you let your keys out of your sight. Desert Locksmiths can improve your security by master keying your facility. We also offer products which protect against the unauthorized duplication of keys.

With these products, Desert Locksmiths documents how many keys get made and to whom they are given. We are the only ones who can duplicate the keys and then only with the proper authorization.

Which Commercial Locks Are Best?

The best lock system for your commercial property, whether it’s a small business, warehouse, or large corporation, depends on a variety of factors including the value of your on-site assets, the quantity of lockable doors, your security protocols, and more. Our locksmith professionals will provide you with the pros and cons associated with the locks relevant to your needs. Following are just a few of the many commercial lock options we can install at your facility.

  • Electronic door locks
  • Smart door locks
  • 2-step door locks
  • Sliding door locks
  • Remote locking systems
  • Keyless entry
  • Exit lock hardware (Fire/Emergency/Alarmed)
  • Desk locks
  • Cabinet locks
  • Deadbolts
  • High Security / Restricted key lock systems
  • Key pads
  • Key FOBs
  • Window locks
  • Loading / Bay door locks
  • Garage door locks

Other Commercial Security Services Offered

  • Opening safes
  • Changing the combination to a safe
  • Rekeying your existing system
  • Replacement or repair of broken locks

Whether you need access to your car, home, office, or otherwise, Desert Locksmiths can help 24/7. We know how much time, energy, and resources go into maintaining a successful business, and we want to help protect yours. At Desert Locksmiths, customer service means timelines, quality work, and a friendly demeanor. Contact us today!