Many northern Nevadans are not strangers to long commutes. It’s not uncommon for residents of Reno, Sparks, Spanish Springs, Minden, Susanville, Gardenerville, Carson, and Truckee to live in one of these cities but work in another. These commutes can take as few as 20 minutes one way but can take up to an hour and a half. Anyone that commutes such long distances to work knows that even small delays before or during the journey can jeopardize arriving at work on time.  Desert Locksmiths is the locksmith Truckee trusts for all their unexpected lockout situations.

Why Are Effective Locksmiths Invaluable to Commuters?

Mountain roadLucky commuters may wonder why a Truckee locksmith is so important. Unlucky commuters, those who have gotten locked out of the car right before the morning commute into work, know exactly why a trusted locksmith can be a prudent precaution.

Directly after getting locked out of your house, apartment, or car is not the time you want to be tasked with vetting a proper locksmith. If you live in Truckee and commute to Reno, for example, an expected lockout can delay your arrival at work by hours.

We at Desert Locksmiths pride ourselves in our ability to reach customers quickly, and we bet your employer values your prompt arrival at work. Whether you are stuck at home due to a lockout, or you locked your keys in your car while stopping for gas en route to work, our expert automotive locksmiths can reach you quickly and get you back on your way.

Besides Lockouts, Why Else Do I Need a Trusted Truckee Locksmith?

Lockouts are not the only locksmithing issue that can affect commuters. Savvy commuters prepare for contingencies of all types. Desert Locksmiths knows that many things can go wrong before or during your commute, and we can quickly help you with all the following issues.

We can originate keys to operate existing locks or we can change the

system so that the lost keys will no longer fit.

We can remove a broken key and originate a new one.

We can replace damaged or worn locks and ignitions.

We can open your vehicle and retrieve your keys.

Call us now and we’ll get you on your way! EMERGENCY SERVICE AVAILABLE 24/7