Desert Locksmiths is a local, family-owned full-service locksmith. We are not a call or dispatch center. When you call us one of our friendly, trained professionals will be immediately on their way to assist you, usually within 20 to 30 minutes, with a fully equipped service van and the expertise to address your needs. We have been serving the Reno area since 1986 and know this area and know our customers.

dial open a safe

We pride ourselves on being able to help you solve any of your locksmith problems. We can help you rekey your home or business, improve security or make duplicate keys. Our staff can also help you get into your home or car if you have lost your keys or get into your safe if you’ve forgotten the combination. We have the expertise and the know-how to help you get in or to keep others out!

With February starting a little warm but reminding us that it is still, in fact, winter, the last thing you want is to be locked out of your home during the coldest days in Reno. Faulty locks, homes with detached garages, in-law units, sheds – you name it, these locks can freeze over during particularly nasty winter storms and the freezing temperatures we tend to see in the basin.

The experts at Desert Locksmiths have been called to these situations many times, and have ways to get into the lock without having to replace it. Lubricants, graphite and any sort of heat will loosen the freeze to allow you to insert your key, but old locks are pretty notorious for this. Rather than battling your locks every morning and evening, let the locksmithing masters at Desert Locksmiths replace broken locks. If the locks have compatible key-ways, we can change all your doors where one key opens them all. If needed, we can replace non-compatible locks with compatible ones.


Desert Locksmith is Northern Nevada’s premier locksmith company. Our friendly and helpful staff can give you winter weather tips such as weatherproofing ideas, key cover options and will replace your worn locks to make navigating the colder seasons a breeze. Replacing your locks before the weather really drops is not only a great idea for convenience, but a snug lock will save you money by getting rid of those pesky drafts due to slightly open doors. Desert Locksmiths invites you to our store for the friendliest, fastest and most knowledgeable locksmith service available in Northern Nevada. Contact us or visit our storefront for all your locksmith needs.

You are warmly invited into our store for the friendliest, most knowledgeable locksmith service in Northern Nevada. The staff is willing and eager to satisfy all your Locksmith security needs, with unequaled service and advice. Our in-store staff will help you evaluate your repair issue on existing hardware or to address your need for additional security. Desert Locksmiths services an array of security needs for residential and commercial properties, from travel trailers to hotel/motel complexes and warehouse systems.

Do you need our help getting into your home, garage, or old shed? Contact Desert Locksmiths today and let us be your Reno locksmith.