Hiding your house key somewhere on the property seems like a hassle-free way to avoid calling us, right? Wrong… unfortunately. We’ve all seen at least one of our friends or family members disappear for a second to ‘secretly’ retrieve their house key. But, as I’m sure many of us can again guess, where it might be.

Where is the best place to hide a key?

We don’t want to give you any suuuper obvious places, as then they won’t be as hidden, but here’s a list of obvious places to NOT hide a key, because safety and security should be the number one priority when it comes to your home.

Under the Door Mat


Burglars will check here, first. Hell, we check here first when we get calls for lockouts. Try not to hide your spare key here, it is the most obvious, popular place for a hide-a-key.

The Fake Rock


It may have been your best friend throughout the years, but the fake rock trick is spent and tired. If it’s not under the mat, people will check around the door (back or front) for rocks. Potential burglars will spend time looking for a spare key to avoid noise during break-ins. The quieter the entry, the better, don’t make it any easier for them!

Your Wallet


In and out of your pocket all day, your wallet can be easily stolen, and the key has a great risk of falling out. Not only is losing the key itself a risk, but if your wallet is in fact stolen, your driver’s license sports your full address, it doesn’t take a lot to put two and two together.

On Top of the Door


We like where your head’s at, hide your key somewhere somewhat obvious that no one would really think to check – but this has been had. Quite a few people know this one. Keep thinking!

If you are the victim of a home invasion or would like some suggestions on how to properly secure your home, contact Desert Locksmiths. We would love to help you navigate the locksmith world.